September 2003

On Wednesday 17th September 2003, my friend Debs and I went to Hinton airfield near Oxford, having booked with Tandem Jump the day before.

The weather was glorious, especially from 13,000ft where it was still warm (although quite drafty at 120mph, vertically downwards). This is why it looks like I'm eating Toblerone in some of the pictures...

Freefall lasted for around 45 seconds, then Mike pulled the ripcord and the canopy jerked open (with a force of about 4g).

We did some tight turns, I got to perform some flares (practice for landing) and before I knew it, the ground was rushing towards us and we'd landed.

It was a mind-blowing experience and I'm happy to have an unequal number of takeoffs and landings.

And now, when I look up at the sky and remember, a silly grin spreads across my face...

1. 0-120mph in 5 seconds.

2. Catching the sun.

3. Freefall eclipse.

4. Drogue deployed.

5. Hello world.

6. Yeeeeaaaaaaah!

7. Thumbs up.

8. Into our first 360 turn.

9. In a spin.

10. Exhilaration.

11. Getting a good look around.

12. Is that Silverstone?

13. Getting a taste.

14. Mike rocking out.

15. Closer to Earth.

16. A final thumbs-up.