(or Yet Another Real Time Strategy game)


You can hit your browser's refresh button to restart the game.

When the applet has loaded, please click 'join game' (you can fiddle with the other settings next time).

Now make your web browser as big as possible and click here. If you are using Internet Explorer, try hitting F11 to go into 'Fullscreen Mode'.

How to play - Basic commands

Looking Around
Use the arrow (cursor) keys to scroll around the map, or alternatively, drag the map display in the top right with the left mouse button.

Click on one of your units or drag over a group of your units with the left mouse button. You cannot select enemy or passive units.

Move Mode
Press 'M', or click 'Move' on the console to the right. Any selected units will move to wherever you subsequently left-click.

Attack Mode
Press 'A', or click 'Attack' on the console to the right. Left-click on an enemy unit or on the terrain. If you fire at a unit, your units will try to pursue it until it is destroyed. If you attack the terrain, your units will only fire three rounds per order.

How to play - Advanced commands

Currently, each player starts with three pre-defined squads, assigned to the 1, 2, and 3 keys. Pressing a squad's key will select it (holding down SHIFT allows multiple squads to be selected). For the time being, 1 = light units (hoverjets), 2 = medium units (tanks) and 3 = heavy units (artillery).

Gesture Formations
Select a group of units. While holding down 'R' draw a shape on the terrain with the mouse, then release the 'R' key.

Select a unit or group of units. Press 'T', or click 'Turn' on the console to the right. Then click on the terrain. All selected units will turn to face the same direction.

Formation Mode
Press 'F' to toggle 'formation' mode. This will order your units to keep in formation when they move, and to fire in formation when they attack.

Guard Mode
While a unit (or group of units) is selected, press the 'G' key. Doing so will put those units into 'guard' mode: when an enemy unit approaches within a certain distance, your unit will engage it. Once the enemy unit is destroyed (or moves too far out of range) then your unit will return to it's guarding point.