Early 2005

ZoomDesk was an experimental zoomable desktop environment. It is an example of a ZUI (Zoomable User Interface). ZoomDesk is written in Java using the Piccolo API, and will run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

One of the philosophies of ZoomDesk was that the content of documents or images would be rendered directly - no icons or folders would be used. To 'open' a document, simply zoom in far enough to make the text readable.

The features of ZoomDesk include:

ZoomDesk is no longer under active development and remains as a curiosity for developers only. The last version (0.3) was released on 6th May 2005.

1. The welcome screen

2. Two documents - zooming further on the right-most document will
cause it to display the content, like the document on the left.

3. Swing-based text editor, with the command bar visible at the bottom

4. A long document showing the depth bar to the right