2006 - 2007

JobTrawler is a desktop application which aggregates job listings from various websites and helps the searcher with the filtering and workflow management of their applications.

It normally takes a while to browse job websites, click on each interesting advert, wait for it to load, dismiss it, then move on to the next one. JobTrawler downloads all the adverts in one batch, then it allows you to focus on the important bits of each one. It tracks the adverts you've already seen (so you don't waste time tomorrow) and helps you with the application process - leaving you more time to spend networking and talking on the phone to potential leads and recruitment agencies.

JobTrawler can tell you which agencies are posting the most jobs that you are interested in and the phone numbers of their agents. I wrote it in 2006 when I was looking to move into a new area and it helped me to prioritize the agents who were the ones worth calling.

For more, visit the JobTrawler website.