Panshanger Scenery


Panshanger Aerodrome (EGLG) scenery package for the X-Plane flight simulator.

This is my first attempt at an X-Plane scenery package, using only Sketchup, GIMP and WED (plus the library objects that come with X-Plane and OpenSceneryX). It covers my local airfield, which is home to the excellent North London Flying School.

Panshanger is located approximately 30km north of London, in the United Kingdom, and serves GA traffic on a single grass runway. For more information about Panshanger Aerodrome, please see the North London Flying School pages or Wikipedia.

The scenery covers most of the main objects on the airfield, although there is always room for improvement (in particular the main hangar needs remodelling from scratch). Bengeo water tower is included, as it is a prominent local feature that pilots sometimes use for navigation.

Download (5.4MB) - Unzip the file so that the folder "EGLG Panshanger" appears in your "Custom Scenery" directory.

This scenery has been enhanced by the popular OpenSceneryX object library, so installing this is recommended for the full experience.


This scenery package is shared on GitHub under a public domain license. Please note that where works are derived from the original X-Plane object library, the copyright is owned by Laminar Research.


Image Comparison

Here are some real-world images (left) for comparison with screenshots from the simulator (right):