2001 - 2003

YARTS is a partially-completed 2D Real-Time Strategy game, written in Java, with a number of nifty features. It was created as a fun project by three people in the UK and intentionally does not have the resource-management features of many RTS games, but focuses on attack and defence strategy instead.

It was mentioned as an example of an isometric tile-based game in the book Killer Game Programming in Java.

You can play YARTS now, if you have Java installed.


Fast, light, manouverable unit, armed with twin machine guns, each with a short range.
Medium speed, medium armour unit, armed with a single mid-range cannon.
Slow, heavily armoured unit, armed with a single powerful long-range cannon.
Passive units that do not contribute much to the game. They tend to wander away from other units, and are only found on grassy areas. They also have a nasty tendency to explode on contact.

Basic Features

Nifty Features